Thanks to its extensive historical perspective and composition housing precious relics, Demsa Koleksiyon is at the top of most comprehensive and high-class collections of Turkey.

The first part of the bipartite composition of the collection houses precious Islamic relics such as hilye-i şerife, verses, Koran, tablets, calligraphic albums, imperial orders and prayer books. Among these relics are very precious artworks of prominent calligraphers of the Turkish art of calligraphy including Yakut Mustasimi, Ahmed Şemseddin Karahisari, Şeyh Hamdullah, Hafız Osman, Abdullah Zühdi, Muhsinzade Abdullah, Mahmud Celaleddin and Mehmet Şevki.  

The second part accommodates masterprices produced during the period starting from the second half of the 19th century, accepted as the onset of the Turkish art of painting, up to the present time. The collection has a wide spectrum of content covering the portraits of Osman Hamdi, landscapes by Şeker Ahmet Pasha, still-life paintings of Süleyman Seyyid and Hüseyin Zekai Pasha, portraits of Halil Pasha, figurative landscapes by Ibrahim Çallı, bosporus-themed artworks of Nazmi Ziya, interior designs by Şevkat Dağ and Kurbağalıdere landscapes by Hikmet Onat.

Besides said masterpieces witnessing the evolution of the Turkish art of painting, modern and contemporary artworks in chronology represent significant pieces of the collection.